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We have assembled one of the best diamond buyer links page for your use… see below.

Looking for online EGL Diamond Buyer? 

One of the best Antique Jewelry Buyers

Sell your GIA diamond to GIA Diamond Buyer

Click Here for Patek Philippe Buyer

Sell to a Platinum Jewelry Buyer 

Sell to a Used Jewelry Buyer

Click Here for Large Diamond Buyers

Diamond Ring Buyer

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Diamond buyer links page has been made available to you at no cost.  Here you will find various links that are accredited businesses specializing in things like CAD jewelry design, GIA diamond buyers, used jewelry buyers, antique jewelry buyers, EGL diamond buyers, etc.  If you can not find a website for your specific item you can CLICK HERE and tell us about your specific item.  We only deal in jewelry, gemstone and watch related items.

If you would like to explore gemstones in much more detail GIA is the worlds must recognized gemological insititute.  Learn much more about the non for profit institute, GIA, directly from their own website.  They not only teach students who directly attend their institute but offer distance learning.  In this manner students can study CAD design, jewelry workmanship, gemstone identification, diamond grading and so much more.  GIA does not buy or sell not does their reports assign a value.  We are not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).  We do however recommend GIA as the premier gemstone institute.