cash diamond buyers

cash diamond buyers

cash diamond buyers

Some customers request cash payments and as our bank is right across the street we are secure cash diamond buyers.  We are located in a secure jewelry building, 9 floors all protected by armed guards and top level security systems so you can feel safe and secure while dealing with us.

Famous celebrities and business CEO’s purchasing multi million dollar diamonds has propelled diamonds to all time high values. The attention in the media combined with the extreme rarity of diamonds has caused great demand for diamonds and diamond jewelry in the public arena. So much demand that prices for diamonds and diamond jewelry has risen to all time highs. We are a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating.

Top Rated cash Diamond Buyers

Cash Diamond Buyers

All cash diamond buyers, GIA gemologists and appraisers agree that due to the economic slowdown prices are at a plateau and if you are interested in selling a diamond, diamond jewelry or a fine watch we can pay you the best price ever, now… before prices correct back down to a lower level.

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A-DIAMOND BUYER is in the center of the Los Angeles diamond district. Because of our location A-Diamond Buyer has great demand and we look forward to hearing from you. While all fancy diamonds are in demand we currently have strong interest in buying fancy diamonds over three carats in weight.


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