diamond buyers contact

diamond buyers contact

There are several ways to contact diamond buyers regarding selling your pre-owned diamonds, used diamond jewelry and fine watches:

Call us: 213-629-1823 diamond buyers contact phone

Email us: CLICK HERE diamond buyers contact email

Use our quote form: diamond buyers contact quote form

Write us at:
L.B.J.D. Inc.
1107 Fair Oaks Ave #411
South Pasadena, CA 91030
213-629-1823 OR
Click here to email us

Please note: For security reasons packages addressed to us should not include the following words on the shipping label: Jewelry, diamond, cash, gemstones, etc. Shipper should be notified that office opens at 9:30am. For security reasons packages should be addressed as follows:

L. Benowitz c/o L.B.J.D.
1107 Fair Oaks Ave #411
South Pasadena, CA 91030

Above you will find the diamond buyers contact information.  The best way to use the diamond buyers contact is by email however you may also call or send us post. CLICK HERE for diamond buyers contact quote form, please give us as much information regarding the diamond for sale as possible.  Then we can be most accurate when speaking with you about the market value of a specific diamond for sale.

Keep in mind that diamonds that are appraised with a “retail replacement price” are appraised for insurance purposes.  No one can expect to sell a used diamond or diamond jewelry for the retail replacement value as that is the price someone would pay when brand new at high retail prices from a retail store.  Use the above ways for diamond buyers contact and we can help you get the best price possible promptly.

We look forward to hearing about your diamond for sale.  Thank you.